Why Choose i.e.international?

Because we are the very best in the business with a proven track record of distributing, selling and marketing products across the world. Because we possess knowledge gained through hard-earned experience in marketing, sales, importing and exporting. Because we know how to reach the right buyers at the right prices with the right products at the right time.

P is for Perfection. P is also for product, promotion, place and price. And that is the key difference between Perfection and all the other hundreds, if not thousands of distributors, sales and marketing companies out there. We understand marketing. We understand that if you get the four 'P's perfect then everything else will follow.

Here's How We Achieve Success

The Initial Assessment 

Before we even approach a company to discuss distributing their product we undertake a full assessment to make sure we think the product can be a success. After all, the product is the most import factor.

Only when we are absolutely sure about the viability of the product do we take the next step of approaching the manufacturer.

The Fact Finding Meeting. If the manufacturer is in agreement we visit them to find out the facts:

  • we want to attain a total understanding of the product itself, how it works, what are its benefits to the customer, who are its competitors and much more.
  • price and position in the market.
  • distribution territories.
  • logistics: lead times, transportation and cost, import duties and taxes, and more.
  • availability of marketing support tools for resellers: product demonstration videos, product images, logos, marketing copy.

 And Finally.........  If we like the products and the company, and the company likes what we have to offer then we start work marketing, selling and distributing the products.

Take a look at the companies who have entrusted us to distribute, market and sell their products across the world for them.

See what we have achieved for them and then give us a call to discuss how we can achieve the same results for you.

Call Andy Cleaver at Perfection Distribution, Sales and Marketing on 00 44 (0) 7809 212 566 for further information.