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A New Way of Ordering the  BEST Cake & Bake Brands from around the World!

For UK/ EU customers we have the Best of USA brands!

For USA customers we have the Best of UK/European brands!

Simply place your order by the ADD-ON Deadline to SAVE ON CARRIAGE PRICES as well as SPECIAL PRODUCT PRICES (special prices agreed with our suppliers!)

BREAKING NEWS!!! Exclusive Alan Tetreault Private Label Products Now Available!  

ACCESS to the Best Brands for ALL Size Businesses + Greater Variety of Products + Saves Retailers Valuable Time!

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NEW!! For our SE Asia/ NZ/ Australian customers, combine the best cake and bake brands from the EU/UK and USA!

How To Order: visit the brands website, choose the products and designs and colours required, request a price list by emailing [email protected], match the online product code with the product code on the price list, and use the special Order Form to place your order.  


Try this Amazing New Service NOW, ORDER BY THE NEXT DEADLINE FOR YOUR AREA and Receive £50 of FREE Cake and Products of YOUR Choice!


This week its the turn of Lucks, part of our Best of USA Cake and Bake Brands collection.

Lucks are the world's leading producer of sugar Dec-Ons, fondant and royal icing shapes and roses and much more.

They offer a large selection of designs and colours with new collections launched regularly.

Request our especially negotiated ex works prices by emailing [email protected]

The ADD-ON Service Offers Cake and Bake Suppliers With:

- SAVES retailers money on carriage costs as all orders are consolidated into one shipment.

- SAVES retailers money on products through special price offers.

 - Provides access to the best UK/ EU brands for ALL sized US cake and bake retailers.

- Provides access to the best USA brands for ALL sized UK/ EU cake and bake retailers.

- Provides a far greater selection of products than are currently available from traditional 'static ' trade suppliers and their warehouses.

- SAVES retailers valuable time by organising multiple orders, deliveries and customs clearance thus allowing owners and staff to concentrate on running other aspects of the business

LOW Minimum Order quantities of just £250 per brand!

Place and pay for your order before the ADD-ON DEADLINE to be part of a combined shipment. 

Contact us on 00 44 (0) 7504 931 732 or email i.e.intern[email protected] as the Contact Us form is not currently working.

Fulfilling the Needs of Cake Decorating Suppliers, Bakeries, Patisseries & Hotels, Food-Service and Restaurants Around the World.   

i.e.international ltd is the exclusive and global distributor for a range of innovative cake and bake products for wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers. We also run the Best of USA, Best of World, Best of UK/EU ADD-ON Services.

We are a fast-growing company with new products and collections being added every month. We have developed innovative 'just in time' logistic processes to ensure clients receive the very best products at the very best prices at the exact right time. Take a look at the companies we represent and call Andy Cleaver on 00 44 (0) 7504 931 732 for further information.

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Whilst we have many product demonstration videos available to ensure customers can view the innovations and qualities of the different collections, it is also worthwhile booking a short, free, no - obligation, workplace demonstration to fully appreciate the qualities of the products.   

Simply let us know a convenient time and date to visit your place of work either by calling the number below or using the Contact form on this website. Alternatively we can offer LIVE Skype video demonstrations for buyers who are pushed for time. 

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