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BEST OF USA! Unique Products By Marvelous Molds! Something new to offer your customers!

Marvelous Molds are innovators; pure and simple.

Take a look below at their 3 new collections: Simpress Cake Panels. Flexabet Letters and Numbers. Knit Moulds

How To View: to view all the designs and collections go to www.marvelousmolds.com

How To Order: choose the products and designs and colours required, request a price list by emailing [email protected], match the online product code with the product code on the price list, and use the special Order Form to place your order.

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Marvelous Molds Flexabets™ 

There are 11 different fonts and each consists of Uppercase Letters, Lowercase Letters, Numbers, and the phrase Happy Birthday. 

No more tapping, no slapping, no clicking, and no sticking! 

Take a look here https://marvelousmolds.com/flexabets/ and then call us for our very especially arranged prices

A Simpress™ is the latest innovation from Marvelous Molds that promises to transform any crumb coated cake into a striking and edible work of art. 

With a Simpress Cake Panel Maker, you no longer need to sheet out fondant into huge circles that are then draped over a cake and rubbed smooth before it dries out or tears.

Imagine taking an ordinary crumb coated cake, and by using a Simpress™, you simply apply wonderfully textured panels on the sides of the cake to create a stunning effect in very little time.  

It’s your choice to keep the top of the cake buttercream, or simply cover with a properly sized circle of fondant before paneling the sides.

The extreme details that are captured in this wonderful tool and its self trimming blade around the perimeter make finishing a cake a quick and easy process that is quite fun. 

After using a Simpress™, you’ll wonder why you ever thought that cake decorating could be difficult.

A Simpress™ can also be used as a texture mat and the beautifully detailed panels it creates can be cut with a properly sized round cutter to make incredible toppers for cupcakes.

Take a look here https://marvelousmolds.com/simpress/ and then call us for our very especially arranged prices.

The Knit Mould Collection

Marvelous Molds is very proud to introduce an expansive new collection of knit molds for cake decorating. 

This unique line of molds is the stunning result of a collaboration between Anne Heap (professional cake decorator extraordinaire) and Chef Dominic Palazzolo, the mastermind behind the cutting edge, innovations only found in Marvelous Molds.   

Take a look here https://marvelousmolds.com/silicone-molds/knit-molds/ and then call us for our very especially arranged prices.