Slow December/ January Sales? Not Anymore! Here's How Best of World Cake Decor Brands Can Help.

We all know Christmas and immediately afterwards is a traditionally quiet time of year for cake decor retailers around the world....

But ..... Best of World Cake Decor Brands know from our own consumer website experience that retailers can still generate substantial turnover during this period.

How? By simply offering your customers very special sales promotions such as a percentage off each purchase ..... do this and they will buy, buy and buy again.

But Consumers Have No Money at this Time of Year

Conventional thought tells us that consumers have no money left at this time of year after they have bought presents etc?

But this is simply not true ....many consumers have only spent November's wages on presents etc and probably bought most items already....and that of course still leaves December' and January's wages and importantly some disposable income!

However, Consumers DO Want a Great Price Deal!

That's why we always offers a sales promotion at this time of year to maintain cashflow and generate sales.

You can do the same!

So here's our offer to you as a retailer trying to maintain sales levels in December 2019 and January 2020.......

We Can Offer You 15% OFF Your Order in December 2019 .....To Then Pass Onto Your Customers

We can offer 15% off all your brand orders if you order during December 2019

All we ask in return is that you pass the offer onto your customers and create a special promotion over this period.

Next Steps! Get A 'Quick Quote'!

Simply visit the Shop are, create a Shopping Basket, go through the checkout system as far as Make Payment and then let us know you have created your basket by emailing us at [email protected].

We will use it to work out the best prices and send you a brilliant quote.