Last-Minute US Brand Special for UK/EU Retailers!!

A USA Last-Minute Special is an existing SINGLE BRAND SHIPMENT which is due to leave a supplier based in the USA such, it represents a great opportunity for UK/EU cake decorating supply retailers to place an order for the brand and for it to be ADDED-ON to the existing because its an existing shipment we can offer FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AND NO CUSTOMS VAT/ SALES TAX CHARGES! Saving ££££'s!

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Brand: NY Cake 

Supplier Country/ Continent: USA.       

Ideal For......UK/EU/Australian Retailers!     

Link to Products: HERE

Order Deadline: FRIDAY 11TH January 2019  

Date Scheduled to Leave: WEDNESDAY 16TH January 2019         

Shipping Cost: Nil. 

Customs Vat/ Sales Taxes: Nil

Minimum Order Value: £150.00

Simply view the products available, email the ones you are interested in ordering to [email protected].....we will then send you a personalised free quote! 

** Please don't order through the website as you will be charged shipping at checkout plus we can sometimes offer better prices**