Making Silicon Great Again! 

Addressing UK Home-Bakers Silicon Concerns By Using Platinum-Infused Silicon to Produce Odourless, Rigid, Even Baking!  

Available Soon!

Pavonidea offers home-bakers the the perfect combination of the key benefits of both silicon and of metal: the easy-clean, quick release, wide temperature ranges of traditional silicon now combined with the even-baking, rigidity and odour-free finish of traditional baking tins.

Combined with Italian design flair, great colours, innovative packaging and competitive prices this makes Pavoni the first choice for high quality silicon moulds and accessories for UK consumers.  

The consumer collection of these products is known as Pavonidea and is now available exclusively to UK retailers through ltd. 

Below is a selection of the key collections.

How To Order: available through the online shop soon.

Why Stock Pavonidea?

Food-Safe, Flavourless, Platinum Silicon. The use of food-grade platinum silicon ensures its use over a wide range of temperatures from -40 to + 280 degrees centigrade including freezers, ovens, fridges and microwaves. It also ensures that the food is not contaminated or flavoured by the silicon.

The platinum infusion also ensures the even baking and colouring associated with traditional baking tins.

Variety. Featuring a wide variety of unique designs from a children's collection to festivals, chocolate moulds to the classic baking silicon mould collection, tableware to utensils. 

Original Colours. The products stand out on the shelves and online with a fantastic array of original colours.

Competitive Prices. Pavonidea ensures that consumers are able to purchase the very best products at affordable prices.

Stand-out Packaging. high quality packaging both in terms of design and functionality.

Pavonidea: The Festival Collection 

A mould for every festival and season!

Clever and unusual designs in a vivid array of eye-catching colours, the Festival Collection is perfect for every celebration.

A wide variety of original designs for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and Birthdays are available.

Pavonidea. The Chocolate Collection

Unique silicon mould designs to create great shapes in chocolate.

From unique Rococo to kids designs such as Kitty, Doggy and Summer Lawn, the chocolate mould collection is all-encompassing.


Pavonidea. The Classic Silicon Mould Collection

Simplicity, beautiful colour and beautiful design ensure that the classic collection is a must-have for retailers in the UK.

From the springform Easycake to the beautifully shaped Ciambelle Fantasia, there is a design for every consumer need.

Moulds for muffins, cupcakes, Pluma 'cakes in a cup', flans, brioche, plus a variety of different edgings provides retailers and customers with a huge variety to choose from.

Pavonidea. The Prima Vera Collection

A collection of unique full and mini mould designs using stunning spring-like colours.

From pinks to greens, yellows to reds, each mould can be used to create cakes, chocolates, puddings and more.

Imaginative names such as Dallia, Calla, Rosa Bocciola, Rosa Fiorita and more only add to the sense of great design for creating beautiful cakes and bakes.

Pavonidea Kids

Another collection of unique designs, this time for the younger generation. Capture their imagination with Pavonidea's Pirate Ship, Clown, Elephant, Robot, Doggie, Kitten, and Princess moulds to mention just a few of the design available.

Plus there are cake pop designs and a unique LOVE mould design. 

Available in a stand-out colours and beautiful packaging.

Pavonidea Sweetable

Something a little different to capture consumers imagination! Romantic and colourful, pretty and elegant, Sweetable from Pavonidea is the ultimate tableware.

Different size plates, cake stands and covers, bowls, trays and cutlery are available in a variety of colours.

Pavonidea Utensils

A collection of utensils that are essential in every kitchen. The difference is Italian design and colour.