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Why Perfection?


What We Do

Wherever possible, we negotiate exclusive sales territories with a company and then market and sell their products to key trade or end-user clients within these markets. 

If we are acting exclusively in one country then we develop marketing and sales programmes including websites and exhibiting at trade shows to maximise trade and retail sales.

If we are acting exclusively across the world then our objective is to maximise sales to key retail and trade stockists but to also establish trade sub-distributors in each country. It is these sub-distributors who then maximise sales in their own countries by implementing sales and marketing programmes including exhibiting at trade shows and establishing a website.

Alternatively we can work on an outsourced basis for a set fee.


A Unique Way of Working

If we are selling only to trade buyers then we work on a 'just in time' ordering process. In other words, we sell the products and receive payment from the buyer, and then place and pay for the order with our client and arrange for collection and delivery.

It is a simple, low-risk and proven process which produces fantastic results without having to carry stock and offer credit. It also ensures that wholesale unit prices are low.


Why Use

  • Low Cost: A low cost means of distributing, marketing and selling products worldwide.
  • Just in Time Ordering: No requirement to produce and store stock that may not be required.
  • No Credit Accounts Required: No requirement to offer risky credit terms.
  • Free marketing advice from highly qualified marketers.
  • Vast experience of distribution sales and marketing in different countries across the world.


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