Marvelous Molds

Marvelous Molds are led by the indomitable founder Dominic Palazzolo, not only a creator of beautiful silicon mold designs but also a cake decoration technique innovator.

Choose from a vast selection of silicon molds, the innovative Silicon Onlays and its revolutionary technique or the the new Simpress cake panels.

Silicon Molds

All silicone molds are not the same.  Marvelous Molds® pride themselves on their ability to think outside the box and create molds of inspired design and function. They do not make their moulds by simply pouring silicone in a block shape around an object. Instead, they painstakingly design them so they conform to the shape of the object produced which enables them to create a thinner walled mold that has great flexibility without sacrificing strength and sturdiness.

Marvellous Molds: Simply the Best!  

Impression Mats 

Unique designs. High quality food-grade silicon. 

Impression mats can be used with fondant to create effective pattern impressions before application to the cake.

Choose from 8 different designs.

Simpress Cake Panel Makers

A Simpress™ is the latest innovation from Marvelous Molds that promises to transform any crumb coated cake into a striking and edible work of art. With a Simpress Cake Panel Maker, you no longer need to sheet out fondant into huge circles that are then draped over a cake and rubbed smooth before it dries out or tears. 

Imagine taking an ordinary crumb coated cake, and by using a Simpress™, you simply apply wonderfully textured panels on the sides of the cake to create a stunning effect in very little time. 

Time-Saving. Simplicity. Stunning. 

Silicone Onlays® – Superior to Stencils & Perfect for Cake Decorating and Arts & Crafts

Silicone Onlays® were invented as an alternative to using stencils which can be messy and difficult to use. Whether decorating a cake or engaging in any arts & crafts project where stencils are used, Silicone Onlays™ will transfer 3D designs to almost any surface.

Revolutionary. Quality. Unique.