Technology-led, specialist, high quality, Sugar Paste/Fondant, Modelling Paste and Traditional Gum/Flower Paste products for cake decorators around the world. 

Wonder Paste: Fondant/ Sugar Paste.

Key Facts: a fine sugar paste easily workable by hand or dough sheeter. It has a great taste and is ideal for decorating wedding cakes and more.

Due to Laped technology it is elastic and durable without any risk of cracking or 'elephant skin'.

A low calorie 'Light Line' version of this product is available.

Daisy Gum Paste

Key Facts: a traditional, fine finish modelling paste. 

Use as a gum/ flower/ florist paste AND a modelling paste.

Contemporary Model Paste

Key Facts: a modern take on modelling paste using a high proportion of cocoa butter and new technology to improve elasticity, flexibility and drying times. 

Ideal for creating flower and figurine models.

Technological Advantages: high cocoa butter content ensures maximum flexibility when worked with fingers and at body temperature but dry's quickly at room temperature when the model is finished as the cocoa butter hardens.

The finished model can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer.