CDA Wafer Sheets

CDA Wafer Products

CDA are a UK based company who focus on producing edible wafer paer and card products. They manufacture a large variety of wafer shapes, colours, sizes and designs for every ocassion.

All wafers are:

  • A tasty SUGAR FREE treat with delicious vanilla flavour, GLUTEN FREE

  • Crafted in the UK by CDA Products using quality ingredients from trustworthy sources

All printed on our sugar free wafer with a mild sweet vanilla flavour. A healthy alternative to sugar based decorations.

CDA wafer decorations are so easy to use. Simply pop them out of the packaging and top them on your cake.

CDA only use wafer paper that is sourced and manufactured within the EU. Their wafer paper is made from three simple, natural, ingredients, potato starch, water and olive oil. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

CDA pride themselves in creating high quality affordable cake decorations that can really make a difference to your cakes. Their Edible Wafer toppers are made using the best possible ingredients. They have excellent colour depth and are printed on the best quality wafer paper. All ingredients come from within the EU and fully comply with all appropriate food and hygiene regulations.

Unlike many of their competitors this product comes already perfectly cut out for you to use. Simply pop the decoration out of the packing and you have a stunning decoration ready to use.

Available now through our easy-to-use online shop HERE.