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Sandra Dee owns a small to medium sized, online and high street cake decorating supply store in the UK. 

She has always wanted to order some of the US brands such as Global Sugar Art or New York Cake because she knows her customers want something different to buy. 

However, she hasn't been able to justify the high shipping cost from the USA to the UK or the minimum order values required.

For example, if she placed an order for £150 with each of three separate US brands directly (e.g. GSA, NY Cake, Lucks), she would pay an approximate $75 (£55) shipping fee per order for each brand to be shipped from the USA to the UK..... a total of £165! 

Plus of course, she would also have to pay duty and customs vat on entry to the UK.

Not to mention that she couldn't place an order anyway because each brand has a minimum order quanity of approximately £250 - £350!

Luckily, Sandra has heard about Best of World Cake Decorating Brands Service! 

She has discovered that by using their All-New service she can, for example, order upto £600 worth of new products (4 brands at £150 per brand) and only pay £59 shipping plus no Customs VAT! 

Or for example, she can spend £300 (2 brands at £150 per brand) and still only pay £59 shipping plus no Customs VAT.

Plus, the MORE SHE SPENDS, THE LESS SHIPPING SHE PAYS! In fact its free shipping on all combined orders across mixed US brands over £2000!

Sandra has told her contacts in Europe, Australia and the USA about the Best of World so they can benefit from this great new service as well!

Best of World: allowing businesses of all sizes to order the best brands from around the world!!