How You Can Save Big Money on Global Shipping! Plus Our Price Match Promise!

How To Save on Global Shipping Costs.

Let's suppose that you are a retailer based in Australia (or you could be anywhere in the world). You already stock key brands from the UK and EU and USA, ordering direct from companies such as FMM, Patchwork Cutters and Marvellous Molds. 

The problem is that it is very expensive when you order just one brand direct from a producer on the other side of the world.

Wouldn't it be great if you could order multiple brands from one or more countries and have them shipped in one large combined shipment to your address .... for example, Marvelous Molds & NY Cake from the USA + FMM and Sugar and Crumbs from the UK + Decora from Italy?

You would save so much money on global shipping fees.

Well now you can. Best of World Brands allows you to order as many brands as you like, existing and new, from whichever country you like, and have them shipped in one large combined order to your business address.

Plus you won't pay more for the brands that you already order direct because we offer a Price Match Promise.....

The Price Match Promise

Best of World Brands will MATCH ANY PRICE you pay for a branded product that you have previously ordered direct from a producer outside your own country.

Price Match PLUS Promise

Best of World Brands will MATCH ANY PRICE that you pay for a branded product that you have previously ordered direct from a national or local wholesaler.... WITH AN EXTRA 10% OFF!

And Finally.......Don't Forget You Can Add NEW BRANDS To Your Order. We offer competitive prices on all brands which you don't currently stock. We offer over 30 of the very best cake decorating brands from around the world.

These can be combined with your orders from brands that you do already stock, therefore saving you even more money on global shipping. 

Interested? Simply create a shopping basket of brands HERE and products and we will send you your personalised quote within 24 hours of receipt.

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As An Example, Here's How an Australian Retailer Can Save a Lot of Money By Using The Best of World Brands Service.

The Order

An retailer based in Australia orders four brands at the same time: FMM and Patchwork Cutters from the UK, NY Cake from the USA, and Decora from Europe (Italy).

The Global Shipping Comparison

If each of the four brands was sent directly to your address in Australia (or anywhere else in the world), you would pay approximately £120 for a £1000 order including any fuel surcharge.

Therefore 4 brands sent individually to Australia at £120 each = £480.00

However, if you used our service, you would only pay approximately £250 for ALL FOUR costs less because they are combined.

The Saving is Approximately £230!

Sounds Good? Our Sales Team is waiting to offer you the above deal and more.

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